amanda bynes no contest gi Amanda Bynes is not psychiatrically unsound enough to be committedGiven Amanda Bynes‘ bizarre antics over the last year, many thought that when she was arrested on Thursday night, she would be committed on a 5150 hold — meaning picked up against her will and held for a 72-hour mental evaluation.

Though Bynes was taken to the hospital following her arrest for throwing a bong out her window when a police officer came to her apartment in NYC, she was quickly released from the hospital and sent to the booking station instead. The doctors didn’t feel a hold was necessary.

According to TMZ, Bynes has not been diagnosed with any mental illness, and was very lucid in court. She understood what was going on and spoke clearly when answering the judge’s questions.

However, Bynes’ parents believe she may be bipolar or schizophrenic, and they’re said to be looking into a conservatorship, like Britney Spears has.

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