amanda bynes mug shot getty Amanda Bynes isn't funny: Why it's time to stop joking about drunk drivingEverybody needs to stop laughing about this Amanda Bynes situation, because it isn’t funny.

Just a few short years ago, Amanda Bynes was poised to be A Pretty Big Deal in Hollywood. Her teen comedy “She’s The Man” was actually really funny, and it included Channing Tatum being all Tatum-y, which means that it’s still totally watchable six years later. Her sitcom “What I Like About You” lasted four seasons and was genuinely fun. She showed off her singing chops in “Hairspray” opposite Zac Efron, and was still a comedic force to be reckoned with as recently as 2010’s “Easy A.”

Now, she’s accumulated five driving violations over the last six months. Her first offense was driving while talking on a cell phone, which is dangerous and against the law, but not exactly a sign of a downward spiral or a mental health issue. Then she got a DUI after hitting a police cruiser. TMZ ran a video of her on another occasion, getting behind the wheel as their photographer begged the valet not to let her drive because she was too intoxicated. She’s been charged with two hit-and-runs.

On Tuesday, she was photographed in her car — though she has a suspended driver’s license — smoking out of what appears to be a pipe designed for marijuana smoking. E! cameras caught her driving with a blanket over her head (presumably to shield herself from paparazzi) as she got into another small fender-bender with a white BMW.

So it was a little funny when Bynes was tweeting President Barack Obama asking him to let her off the hook for her DUI. But it isn’t funny anymore. Bynes once had a chance at the rom-com stardom that Lindsay Lohan abandoned in favor of drugs and alcohol. Now, it looks like she’s chosen to follow Lohan’s path anyway.

Bynes clearly has mental health and/or substance abuse issues that need to be addressed, because she is most certainly a danger to herself and others. While late-night hosts are making their jokes and everybody and their mother is coming up with the next quippy Bynes-related tweet, she’s operating a motor vehicle on a suspended license and and addled mind. In incapable hands, a car is a deadly weapon, and at this point, it seems only a matter of time before Bynes kills herself or someone else.

amanda bynes teen choice 2011 small Amanda Bynes isn't funny: Why it's time to stop joking about drunk drivingA quick Twitter search brings up countless jokes about her. “Imagine how good Amanda Bynes is at bumper cars!” “I bet Amanda Bynes’ car tries to lock its own doors when it sees her coming.” “Amanda Bynes, Randy Travis and Lindsay Lohan walk into a bar. Just kidding, they drove right through the side of it.”

Early this week, a 21-year-old aspiring rapper who went by the name of “Inkyy” — real name Ervin McKinness — tweeted that he was driving while drunk. “Drunk af going 120 drifting corners #F***It YOLO,” he tweeted. Later he quoted a song of Drake’s, writing the lyrics, “Driving tweeting sipping the cup f*** yolo I’m turning it up” on his twitter account.

Just hilarious.

Twenty minutes later, McKinness — who was actually a passenger in the car driven by a drunk friend — died in a fiery car crash. Four other men between the ages of 20 and 23 died in the accident as well, as their 2005 Nissan crashed into the backyard of a residence on Ontario, CA.

So can we stop making jokes and glorifying the intoxicated driving now?

It’s not funny. It never was funny. And if Amanda Bynes can’t be adult enough to keep from getting behind the wheel of a car illegally, she needs to be detained in some way. She has a Sept. 21 court date, and that gives her a whole 7 days to potentially kill herself or some innocent bystander. How many times does she need to be photographed doing something potentially lethal (like driving with a blanket over her head or a drug pipe in her mouth) before the LAPD stations a squad car outside her house to keep her parked in?

Seriously. She lives near me. I don’t want to die.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie