amanda-bynes-locked-in-bathroom-crazy-mugshot-bipolar-drugs-gi-500.jpgYou know what they say — you can take the girl out of Los Angeles, but you can’t make Amanda Bynes stop doing crazy things like locking herself in the bathroom at a cupcake shop for 30 minutes. (That is what they say, right?)

That’s exactly what the “What I Like About You” actress did on Wednesday (Sept. 26) in New York City, where she recently moved to “launch [her] career” as a fashion designer.

Sources tell Celebuzz that Bynes spent two hours at the Little Cupcake Bakeshop in NYC — more than 30 minutes of which were spent locked in the store’s bathroom. According to one source, the 26-year-old actress wore headphones and sunglasses during her visit to the shop — she got there around 9 p.m. She ordered a Dreaming Princess cupcake and cappuccino with extra sugar before heading to the bathroom.

She was in there so long that a patron who happened to be a firefighter became concerned.

“He knocked on the bathroom door numerous times and called for her,” the source says. “The workers at the bakery even turned down the music to see if they could hear any noise coming from the bathroom.”  

Workers even ended up closing the shop to deal with the situation.

“[The firefighter] tried to get her to respond, through the door, for almost 15 minutes,” the source says. “Finally, he called the police and asked if he had their OK to break down the door.”  

Bynes finally came out of the bathroom, calmly saying, “Excuse me, I was doing my makeup.”

Back in Los Angeles, the actress is still facing a DUI charge, two misdemeanor hit-and-run counts, and two charges of driving on a suspended license. On Thursday (Sept. 27), her lawyer pleaded not guilty on her behalf for the hit-and-run charges.

Bynes’ bizarre behavior lately — which has also included locking herself in a boutique’s dressing room for two hours and getting kicked out of spin class for stripping down to her bra and putting on makeup — has led many to wonder if she needs rehab or other professional help. But the actress insists she’s “doing amazing.”

Posted by:Jennifer Harper