amanda-bynes-charged-in-hit-and-runs-gi.jpgDespite some allegedly erratic driving on a suspended license, two hit-and-run charges and a DUI, a Los Angeles judge ruled Wednesday (Sept. 19) that actress Amanda Bynes isn’t dangerous to the public.

At a court hearing at which Bynes was not present (though another judge had suggested it might be a good idea for her to show up), the district attorney asked the judge to order Bynes to pay $50,000 bail in order to remain free while awaiting her Oct. 29 DUI trial, adding that the bail is necessary “for the risk of public safety.” Bynes is currently free on her own recognizance.

“Technically, Ms. Bynes is not in violation of order not to drive without a valid driver’s license,” Judge Elden Fox says, noting that Bynes’ two hit-and-run incidents occurred prior to Aug. 25 when her license was suspended.

Fox indicated, however, that if the actress has another incident prior to her October trial date, he would consider imposing an even higher bail than the requested $50,000.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper