amanda bynes dog reunited Amanda Bynes reunited with her gasoline soaked dog

Looks like things might be looking up for Amanda Bynes. Though the troubled starlet is having her psychiatric hold extended 30 days, and her mother Lynn Bynes’ request for conservatorship was granted, she had one happy surprise visitor on Thursday night (August 8).

Sherbert — the dog that was doused in gasoline when Bynes started the fire that got her taken into custody — has been in Bynes’ parents’ custody while she has been in confinement, and they took him to visit her, TMZ reports.

Bynes has been repeatedly asking for the dog during her hospitalization and her parents showed up with Sherbert after visiting hours. Doctors allowed her to spend 30 minutes with her dog, and the visit “thrilled” Amanda and brought her a lot of comfort.

Bynes has been hospitalized for a total of 18 days so far, and is showing signs of improvement now that she’s being treated for possible schizophrenia. Her parents’ conservatorship will remain in place until Sept. 30.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum