amanda bynes conservatorship Amanda Bynes showing promising improvement in psychiatric hospital   reportIt turns out that a stay in a psychiatric hospital was what Amanda Bynes needed, if a new report from TMZ is to be believed.

The website has learned that the troubled actress is doing “remarkably better” after the doctors in the hospital put Bynes on a combination of medication to control what they believe is schizophrenia.

TMZ’s sources report that Bynes showed dramatic improvement, quickly. In the last three days, she’s reportedly stopped talking to herself and stopped insulting people. Rather, she’s become polite and has begun to say “please” and “thank you” once again, while showing no signs of violence.

Bynes’ quick progress is all the more impressive because finding the right combination of medications with the right doses is mostly a guessing game. It’s uncommon to find a successful cocktail right off the bat. The meds will take seven to 10 days to fully kick in, so, while Bynes’ improvement is cause for optimism, it’s too early to declare a victory.

In an interesting twist, Bynes is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday (Aug. 1) in attempt to get out of the hospital. While her marked improvement could work to her benefit, the report says that doctors are sure the judge won’t be so quick to release her out for more than one reason. One, it’s still not certain that the meds with work for Bynes in the long-term. Secondly, there’s no promise that the actress will voluntarily take her medication.

Posted by:Billy Nilles