amanda-bynes-arrest-driving-drugs-pipe-pics-gi-500.jpgDespite having her license suspended following a DUI arrest and two hit-and-run charges, Amanda Bynes is still driving — and on Tuesday (Sept. 11), TMZ reports the actress was photographed smoking out of what appears to be a marijuana pipe while driving aimlessly around Los Angeles for hours.

According to TMZ, Bynes was also spotted cutting off other drivers and violating various traffic laws.

After the actress was pulled over Sunday for reportedly driving without headlights (and, uh, a valid drivers license — though the officer reportedly didn’t scan her license), L.A. District Attorney asked Judge Marsha Revel on Wednesday to address the conditions for Bynes’ freedom while awaiting trial, according to E! News.

Judge Revel set a hearing for Sept. 21 and says, “It would seem like Ms. Bynes would need to be here in court on that day.”

She adds that the D.A. has become aware of “new circumstances” to address at that hearing.

Bynes was officially charged with driving under the influence on June 5, following her April 6 arrest. On Sept. 5, she was charged with two counts of misdemeanor hit and run for accidents on April 10 and Aug. 4. Her arraignment on those charges is set for Sept. 27.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper