amanda bynes twitter complex magazine ugly writers gi Amanda Bynes tweets: Her Twitter rant against 'ugly writers'“Ugly” seems to be Amanda Bynes‘ insult of choice these days. She’s used it against an ex-boyfriend and many who she feels have wronged her. Now, “ugly” extends to everyone at Complex Magazine. Bynes took the trouble to direct multiple tweets in that outlet’s direction, all of them negative.

The Twitter rant began with a normal-length tweet in which Amanda Bynes declared her dislike of a magazine that wrote unflattering things about her:

“I’m hating the ugly people that work at @complexmag magazine for writing incorrect articles about me. Joe, Noah, Ernest, you ugly!”

You might think that this insult would be the end of things. Nope. 140 characters not being enough to contain Bynes’ feelings on the matter, she followed up with an extra-special, long rant against the magazine.

“@ComplexMag you’re ugly writers, I don’t want to be in your lame a** magazine thanks! So stop writing about me! I just read an article saying I’m having a break down on twitter. I tweet like every person on the face of the earth. I’m not making empty threats on twitter. Everything I say will come true for me. I don’t need your advice thanks! Are any of you multi-millionaires? I highly doubt it! Because I’m loaded! Millionaires do things less desperately than average folks like you. You are pathetic writers and a lame excuse for a magazine. I have so much money that I’m giddy all day, every day. Not needing to work again is far more impressive than any of your ugly writers careers. You write pathetic articles about me – you attack me yet know don’t know anything about me nothing for me. You’re writers are so ugly I don’t even care to be in your magazine. Scott Mescudi always looks ugly on the cover of your magazine. I hope your magazine goes under and you all fail at life like you seem to be by trying to knock down something like myself.”

The “ugly writers” at Complex didn’t seem too terribly offended by the tweets. Shortly after Bynes unleashed her Twitter fury, Complex Magazine posted

“Dear @AmandaBynes, you’re invited to come out with us tonight. Open Bar. Best, Complex.”

Is this peace offering enough? Only time will tell, because Amanda Bynes isn’t yet. But she may be willing to give the hated writers a chance, replying:

“@ComplexMag whatever it takes to get you to stop writing negatively about me!”

It’s a safe bet that drinking with a bunch of journalists would merely give them more fodder to use against Bynes. Good decisions, however, have not exactly been the hallmark of the former actress’ life lately.

Posted by:Laurel Brown