amanda bynes grill miley cyrus Amanda Bynes wants Miley Cyrus' grill, sports two black eyes when Ben Baller does moldWhat is the most important thing for an up-and-coming rap star? A baller grill, of course, courtesy of Ben Baller himself.

Amanda Bynes, who is working on a record deal with Waka Flocka Flame’s label Brick Squad Monopoly, hired Baller to construct her $10,000 mouthpiece (Baller recently posted a pic on Instagram of Bynes’ mold, it’s below) and he tells TMZ that Bynes’ main request was that she wanted her grill to be just like Miley Cyrus‘ grill (pictured above).

“Her specifics were she wanted a grill like Miley Cyrus, but I told her I’d make it better than Miley Cyrus’,” says Baller. He also adds that Bynes was sporting one of her signature wigs and that she wouldn’t calm down right away.

“She wouldn’t sit still, I don’t know, she was probably excited, anxious. … When she sat down, she was biting the mold. … She kept talking, she kept moving, it kept getting f***ed up, excuse my language. But I finally sat her still and finally got the f***ing mold,” says Baller. “She had a big wig on and she had two black eyes, I’m sure … from surgery. Wasn’t like a black eye from gettin’ socked.”

Baller adds on Instagram, when he posted the picture of her mold, “It’s official. Came to NYC to make Amanda Bynes a $10,000 rose gold and pink diamond grill. Stay tuned. She’s a lot prettier in person.”

Meanwhile, Cyrus is one of those people Bynes has said is “ugly” — but apparently not her grill.

amanda bynes grill mold Amanda Bynes wants Miley Cyrus' grill, sports two black eyes when Ben Baller does mold

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