amanda bynes drake mixed signals gi Amanda Bynes won't stop sending Drake mixed signals

Oh Amanda Bynes, you really need to sort out your feelings. How is Drake supposed to know if you actually love him or not, based on your tweets? One minute you’re saying the Canadian rapper is the only one for you, the next you’re calling him ugly.
The changing attitude she has toward Drake was never more apparent than Monday (July 1). After asking for a million dollars from someone, somewhere over having her mind illegally read (What?), she announced once again that “Drake Is The Most Gorgeous Man On The Face Of The Earth.” That was followed one minute later by another tweet, reading, “I’m In Love With Someone Else Who I Do Not Follow On Twitter Who Is The Most Gorgeous Man I Know But Drake Comes In Second.”
Cut to Tuesday morning, when Bynes tweeted “Drake is ugly.” Of course, that tweet was quickly deleted. As are most of her comments about Drake being ugly. Naturally, the one about loving him even if he had Parkinson’s lives on, because her feelings are true.
Amanda tweeted again about the man she’s supposedly in love with Tuesday night.  She was even able to weave in another favorite topic of hers, writing, “I Need To Have Surgery To Look Beautiful For The Man I’m In Love With So I Feel Comfortable With The Way I Look When We Get Married.” We have to meet this guy.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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