amanda knox appeal trial getty Amanda Knox appeal trial judge rules no new DNA testingJudge Claudio Pratillo Hellman, the presiding judge in the Amanda Knox appeals trial, ruled Wednesday (Sept. 7) to deny the prosecution’s request for new DNA testing, the introduction of newly-found records about the original testing and to hear from a new witness. All of these denials were a win for Knox, as her defense had opposed all the motions.

The defense’s strategy this week was to cast doubt over DNA evidence found on the knife allegedly used to kill Kercher by having forensic experts testify that DNA found on the knife could not have been from blood. This is in addition to having DNA experts blast the prosecution’s handling of the DNA evidence since the crime was committed.

Knox is currently fighting her 2009 conviction for allegedly killing her British roommate Meredith Kercher with her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, who is appealing his conviction separately. The prosecutors told CNN that in light of these denials by the judge, they are less certain of the outcome of the appeals trial. They say they are still confident her conviction will be upheld, while Knox’s father tells CNN these rulings make him optimistic his daughter will prevail and come home soon.

Final arguments in the appeals trial will take place Friday, Sept. 23 and the earliest possible verdict date is Thursday, Sept. 29, according to a timetable the judge has released.

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