amanda seyfried dog twitter Amanda Seyfried's dog Finn gets movie role and more love than her cats

During Amanda Seyfriend’s May 23 appearance on “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” she had more to talk about than how she looks naked. There is a man in Seyfried’s life and she loves him with all of her heart. That man is, naturally, her dog Finn.
Host Ellen Degeneres describes the relationship Amanda has with her dog as “borderline,” which the actress agrees with. She says she can’t go many places without him, admitting that he’s waiting for her backstage during the interview.
Seyfriend also reveals that she just got Finn his first movie role. She wasn’t able to reveal what movie he was going to be in, but says it starts filming in September and was more than one scene. “He’s a character [in the movie],” she says. Ellen also brought up Seyfried’s cats, though Amanda was quick to say she didn’t love them as much as Finn. “I love animals, but there is no animal has the same kind of place in my heart like Finn does.”
Why does she love Finn above all others? In addition to being her first dog, Amanda says, “He cuddles with me and he listens to me and he loves me and he looks at me all the time. Come on, like, people don’t praise you like that.”
Throughout the segment, photos of Finn were showed on the screen, including one with Seyfried and the dog in front of a fireplace, in a seemingly romantic pose. She was quick to explain the photo was a joke. Laughing, she says “We’re not being romantic,” before jokingly adding, “It’s not like that, yet.”
For those that doubt Seyfried’s love of her dog, you only have to take a look at her Twitter to see the many photos she’s posted of him. Or you could check out Finn’s Twitter, because it exists. That’s devotion to a pet.
Check out the interview below:

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