Prepare to get jealous, because Amanda Seyfried got the birthday present that other 27-year-old women only dream of. At her recent birthday party, Hugh Jackman sang his “Les Miserables” costar “Happy Birthday,” and then gave her the greatest gift of all: A lap dance.

“We were all together, the cast, we were all together at this huge birthday party and he sang ‘Happy Birthday,’ but not without giving me a very naughty lapdance,” she tells Ellen DeGeneres in the above interview. “It was incredible.”

When asked if she thinks Jackman could compete with her “Dear John” costar Channing Tatum in the stripteasing department, Seyfried gave Jackman a lot of props.

“I think that he could totally compete with Channing, but [the lapdance] was really short,” Seyfried admits. “He wasn’t really giving all the goods, if you know what I mean.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz