amanda seyfried looks good naked giant boobs allure Amanda Seyfried: I look good naked, I don't miss giant boobs

If there’s one thing Ellen Degeneres is good at, it’s the art of a fun interview. When Amanda Seyfried stopped by her show (airing May 23), Ellen turned the conversation to looking good naked. Seyfriend is on the cover Allure’s May issue, which includes an article on the subject. So naturally, Ellen wanted to know if Amanda thought she did.
“At this point in my life, I do,” Seyfried shares, “Because you know what. It just doesn’t matter anymore. You just have to like, when you’re young you don’t appreciate it and I feel like everyone that’s a bit older wishes they appreciated when they were young.”
However, Amanda still thinks she looked better at age 15. “I had beautiful huge breasts,” she says, “and then I came to Hollywood and I was like ‘I got to lose weight. I got to look thin and fit’ and I lost them a little bit.”
Amanda says she doesn’t miss her bigger boobs, which were a D cup, because they were uncomfortable. She does admit she liked having curves though, and thinks “that we should really appreciate that as opposed to trying to get rid of everything.” She’s not wrong.
Check out a portion of her interview below:

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