Amanda Todd is dead, but the child predator who allegedly set into play a series of events leading to multiple suicide attempts by the 15-year-old girl may be getting a little taste of his own medicine.

The New York Daily News reports the hacker group Anonymous exposed the name and address of a man they say cyber-bullied the young girl into exposing herself to him via web cam.

In September, Amanda posted a heartbreaking video on YouTube to tell her story and ask for help. Using note cards, Amanda describes harassment from a male who previously saved a topless photo of the then seventh grader after communicating with her via web cam. The man threatened to send the photo to Amanda’s friends and family if she didn’t give him another show, and he followed up on his threat.

Amanda changed schools multiple times, but the man continued to locate and harass her. He set up a Facebook page with Amanda’s breasts as his profile photo, and added the teen’s friends. She suffered verbal abuse by her peers, online persecution, and even a physical attack, which she says was captured on video by fellow students.

In the YouTube video, Amanda admits to cutting herself, and reveals her personal struggle with severe depression and anxiety. Amanda died suddenly Oct. 10, 2012. The cause of death has not been released, but it’s presumed she finally succeeded in committing suicide.

The Canadian man who allegedly tormented the girl to death is facing sexual assault charges in another case. In addition to exposing this perpetrator, Vice reports Anonymous went after a teenager who tweeted leaked autopsy photos of Amanda’s nude body.

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