Nicki-Minaj-AMA-cropped.jpgNicki Minaj isn’t exactly known for her conservative style of dressing. She started off the show in a “Tron”-style outfit with speakers attached to her rear end. You wouldn’t think that could be topped, would you? Well, she managed it.

Minaj walked on stage at the American Music Awards to accept the award for Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Artist … and when we say “walked,” we mean “dragged.” Not only was she sporting a giant green dress that would make the ladies of “Gone With the Wind” jealous, but she was wearing shoes with platforms that appeared to be almost a foot high. Yeah, that seems safe.

She was escorted onto the stage by her minions helpers and she still managed to trip on her way to the microphone. Nicki, perhaps you should have taken a few lessons from Lady Gaga. Falling on your ass is not very fashion forward.

What was your favorite outfit of the night at the American Music Awards? We’re kind of partial to anything that causes accidents. Still Kelly Clarkson‘s Jessica Rabbit get up was pretty outstandingly wild too.

Posted by:jbusch