amas will i am AMAs 2011: loses his head on 'T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)'The 2011 American Music Awards were full of eclectic performances, but one of the most eye-catching ones was‘s glow-in-the-dark extravaganza.

The Black Eyed Peas rapper teamed up with Jennifer Lopez for the first live performance of “T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever),” which they performed in the dark. Luckily, wore his most blacklight-friendly suit and gloves, making everything but his head visible. It was kind of like Ichabod Crane goes to a rave, and brings J.Lo in a high ponytail along.
A crew of backup dancers carrying blacklight-visible balls moved into various shapes behind the singers, making this the worst performance of the night to watch while under the influence of a mind-altering substance. (Yes, this includes the happy-faced underwear dance party thrown by LMFAO.)
What did you think of the performance?
Posted by:Jean Bentley