pink ama performance 2012 AMAs 2012: Pink destroys the stage and kills her performance of 'Try'The musical performances at the American Music Awards are always stunning. But every show has at least one act that makes all others pale in comparison. At the 2012 AMA show, Pink had that performance.

No one would be likely to argue. They’d probably be too afraid of the passionate and quite frankly violent performance to even try.

Pink performed her single, “Try,” on a sparse set with only one other dancer, but she didn’t need any extra flash. Instead, she just focused on creating a true work of art. The singer and her male partner wore only sparse clothing and rainbow-colored body-paint. Their set was a decrepit and dusty-looking house.

All of this meant the audience could truly focus on the performance. Pink began her show upside-down, held on her partner’s shoulders. Flips and tumbles followed throughout the song — somehow, Pink managed to both sing (or lip-sync, as the case may be) and contort her body without a flaw over the course of several minutes.

It got more and more intense as the song progressed. The dancing and singing both evoked fighting, and neither partner held back. Glass broke. A chair was smashed. Fire flared. The man threw Pink onto an old mattress.

Both performers survived. Barely.

Posted by:Laurel Brown