kendall jenner kylie jenner amas 2013 gi AMAs 2013: Do Kendall and Kylie Jenner understand sleeves?While walking the 2013 American Music Awards red carpet, Kendall and Kylie Jenner made us wonder: Do the Kardashians‘ little sisters understand the purpose of sleeves?

You really have to ask this question when you see the girls’ style on the AMAs’ red carpet. Both were wearing tight-fitting and ultra-modern outfits throughout the walk, but it wasn’t that warm in Los Angeles on Sunday. Jackets were required.

Unfortunately, no one bothered to tell the Jenners how jackets actually work. By the time Kendall and Kylie made it to the E! cameras for an interview and a stroll through the mani-cam, jackets had been added. Sort of — neither girl was wearing her jacket correctly. Specifically, they didn’t have their arms through the sleeves.

Instead of the normal jacket-wearing procedure, the clothing articles were draped across shoulder, looking kind of like medieval cloaks. It was kind of a wonder that those jackets didn’t just drop to the ground with every tiny movement.

That’s what would happen for normal people anyway. Kylie and Kendall probably have special, high-fashion jackets made expressly to hang on shoulder.

Posted by:Laurel Brown