lady-gaga-r-kelly-JFK-marilyn-monroe-do-what-u-want-AMAs-2013.jpgFor the 2013 American Music Awards, Lady Gaga and R. Kelly performed “Do What U Want,” the second single off her recent “ARTPOP” album. The performance started out with Kelly as the president and Gaga as his secretary — looking a lot like Marilyn Monroe. Were they going for a JFK/Monroe vibe?

It started with this exchange:

Kelly: “Honey, I’ve had a bad day, can you bring me my lunch?
Gaga: What are you hungry for, Mr. President?”
Kelyl: “Girl, you’ve been working for me six long years, you know what I want. I want that Italian, I want that Italian, I want that Italian.”
Gaga: “Coming right up, Robert.”

Then after the big song-and-dance number, once the “affair” is outed on Instagram, Kelly storms off and Gaga sings all alone as newspapers with her headlines scroll in the background. It was weird, overwrought and also kind of boring, we thought.

And perhaps in bad taste, two days after the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination? Video below in case you missed it.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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