2013 american music awards nathan fillion twitter commentary gi AMAs 2013: Nathan Fillion, backstage Twitter critic

Nathan Fillion attended the 2013 American Music Awards in order to present one of the awards. But he gave himself another job as well: Unofficial backstage Twitter correspondent for the event. Throughout the evening, the “Castle” star tweeted about everything from Lady Gaga’s horse to Miley Cyrus‘ sad kitty.

It was very entertaining.

Fillion happened to be just on the other side of a wall when Lady Gaga made her grand entrance to the red carpet on a big, fake, white horse. He was rather impressed with the spectacle and started off the tweeting with a comment.

Even Fillion made it into the theater, the tweets continued.

It sounded like Nathan Fillion was a fan of Imagine Dragons, the winners for Best Alternative.

He was equally a fan of PitBull‘s hosting.

And Ariana Grande‘s singing.

This was followed by further proof that Fillion would know about the fake-horse poop.

Getting back to the theme of being impressed, Justin Timberlake provided ample fodder for the next tweet from Nathan Fillion.

Fillion really liked PitBull.

It’s harder to say how he felt about Miley Cyrus’ performance. Other than pity for the cat, of course.

Posted by:Laurel Brown