amazing race 20 finale 'Amazing Race' finale: Rachel and Dave Brown, Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly or Art Velez and JJ Carrell, who won?For the finale of the 20th season of “The Amazing Race,” Vanessa and Ralph took fourth place in the first hour and left Rachel and Dave Brown, Art Velez and JJ Carrell and Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly competing for the one million dollar prize in the final leg.

The final leg had the racers finishing up in Honolulu, Hawaii, where they got to rappel down the Waterfront Towers and then save a distressed swimmer (not a real distressed swimmer) in the ocean. Rachel Reilly of Team Big Brother has a meltdown after the rappelling task that doesn’t quite end with her crying in the bushes, but it’s still pretty great.

After the distressed swimmer challenge, Rachel and Dave get taken to the wrong next section of the race and they paddleboard across a huge lake to the finish line, where they run to the finish mat amidst the applause of the eliminated teams. But they are turned away by Phil because they missed the last Roadblock and have to go back. Oh goodness, that sucks so bad.

The final Roadblock is surfing down a large hill and then rolling a lava rock into a goal, which JJ and Art get a headstart on while Dave and Rachel are in their kerfuffle at the finish line. Wow, this must have been taking Art and JJ a long time if Dave and Rachel paddled all the way there, got the bad news and paddled all the way back.

And then Rachel finishes her sled portion while Art is still struggling to stay on his sled and get down the hill. She bowls her lava rock and they are off to the paddleboards. Again.

So Rachel and Dave are the winners of “Amazing Race 20.” Did the right team win, “TAR” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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