amazing race logo 'Amazing Race' scout fatally poisoned in AfricaTwo men who have worked with “The Amazing Race” as facilitating producers were poisoned in Africa, and one of them has died, according to a new report.

Fox News reports that the body of a freelance “TAR” producer named Jeff Rice was recently found in Uganda, and a source says that Rice and another man were poisoned after local thugs tried to shake them down. 
A “TAR” rep tells Fox that it has not heard anything about the incident, and Rice was not working for the show at the time. He did, however, work on the current season, an astounding 20th edition of the CBS reality series that recently premiered on the network.
Fox reports that Rice’s other credits included Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars” and the South African “Biggest Loser.”
Facilitating producers tend to be locals hired by the show’s production company to arrange the specific details related to filming scenes for the series on location.
Posted by:Jean Bentley