amazing race season 22 winners bates anthony 'Amazing Race' Season 22 winners: Did Bates and Anthony, Max and Katie or Mona and Beth finish first?“The Amazing Race” came down to the wire but hockey brothers Bates and Anthony Battaglia clinched the win.

The fan favorite brothers edged out newlyweds Max and Katie Bichler. Roller-derby moms Mona Egender and Beth Bandimere finished third.

Friends and country singers Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Kuhle were eliminated before the final stretch in Washington D.C.

The finale was especially bittersweet for father and son cancer survivors Dave and Connor O’Leary, who were forced to quit this year’s race due to an injury Dave sustained. They joined the other eliminated teams at the finish line to cheer on Bates and Anthony.

The Battaglias led our poll for who deserved to win, so we’re guessing there are a lot of happy “Amazing Race” fans out there. What did you think of the finale and the season overall?

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