amazing race unfinished business finale 'Amazing Race: Unfinished Business': Seven Mile Bridge sees Kisha, Jennifer Hoffman make historySixteen seasons without an all-female team winning “The Amazing Race” and now twice in two seasons it’s been done, as sisters Jen and Kisha took home the million dollar prize from “Unfinished Business,” just a season after Nat and Kat won Season 17. Jen and Kisha are, of course, the first team of sisters to win. This is the first leg they won the entire race.

It’s apropos their victory aired on Mother’s Day, as they are going to use the money to help their mom out. But let’s see how we got there …

The final 3 came down to sisters Jen/Kisha, Globetrotters Flight Time and Big Easy and father/daughter Gary and Mallory. The fourth-place team was Justin and Zev, who chose poorly on the Detour in Brazil and just couldn’t make up the time.

The race for the finish line took place in Miami, where Gary and Mallory had their hopes dashed by a terrible cab driver. Oof, talk about deja vu, since they spent several hours lost in Oman on their first time around and were eliminated. The first Road Block sent the teams to a marina, where the team members were behind the controls of a giant forklift and to move boats around the docks. 

The Globetrotters left the docks in first place and were sent to Jules’ Undersea Lodge with Jen/Kisha right on their heels for the second Road Block, which involved swimming through an underwater mermaid show in a personal submarine looking in treasure chests for the next clue.

Gary and Mallory finally did the dry-dock Road Block and appeared to make up time, but that may have just been the editing.The Globetrotters stayed in first place after the mermaid Rock Block and headed for Big Pine Key, but the girls overtook them on the way there.

At the key, the teams have to walk across a shallow part of the ocean to Horseshoe Island for their next clue.Back on the mainland, they take a speed boat to Galway Bay Trailer Park for the Detour. It looks like perhaps Gary and Mallory are catching up, but it’s hard to tell.

At the trailer park, the teams have to hook up a trailer to the utilities and then make their living space an exact match of a brochure picture. A decent storm comes through and starts blowing Jen/Kisha and Globetrotters’ stuff around, making it quite difficult to set up the accessories.

It turns out Gary and Mallory have caught up a bit because they run into the other two teams still working when they arrive. The girls finish up and are sent to Old Seven Mile Bridge and the finish line. The Globetrotters get theirs a few minutes later, while Gary and Mallory are still working hard and get their clue in what seems like quick time, but is probably just the editing.

At the Seven Mile Bridge, Jen/Kisha and the Globetrotters are in a bike race to the finish line. Kisha is really struggling with the wind, but the Globetrotters kinda give up because they don’t think they can catch the girls.

So Jen and Kisha won “The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business,” followed by the Globetrotters and Gary/Mallory. The Trotters clip package was set to “Sweet Georgia Brown” (naturally) and Gary is one of the oldest people to finish the race.

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