tim cook keynote apple getty Amazon beats Apple after the company cuts prices on MacBooks

Watch out, Apple fans! The company, once viewed as flawless, is finally starting to show some cracks in the armor. First, Apple has cut prices on their MacBook laptops by as much as $200, following a 21% sales decrease in December, according to Reuters. Investors have voiced concerns that the culprit is the iPad, believing it’s cannibalizing the laptop market. CEO Tim Cook dismisses that idea, but can’t seem to offer any other explanation.
Whether the price cut will matter, is another story. Even with the new pricing, the base model, the MacBook Air, costs $1,300, far higher than competing PC computers with similar specifications.
The iPhone 5 isn’t doing the company any favors, either. The phone, which Apple touted as the next big step for the company, is falling below sales expectations. Between increased competition, from Android, and what seems to be a lack of any real ingenuity, the phone seems to have missed the mark. Apple is going to have to put their best foot forward with the iPhone 6, if they hope to reverse this trend.
Another problem for Apple is the newest Harris Poll. The Harris Poll is an annual ranking of companies, based on their reputation, and influence on customers. Apple ranked as the number one company last year, however in the 2013 poll they’ve fallen to number two. Amazon.com has taken the top spot, with an outstanding “emotional appeal” score for a company with no brick and mortar stores, higher than any other company on the list.
Rounding out the top five are Disney, Google, and Johnson & Johnson. This is by no means a sign that Apple is coming apart at the seams, but serves as a warning to the company: You’re not perfect. People are starting to notice, at the end of the day, Apple is one of many technology companies they can choose from. They need to step it up and become the leader they once were.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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