teen mom amber portwood Amber Portwood could spend 5 years in prison“Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood is still in custody after being arrested for violating her probation in December, and it seems she could stay there a while longer.

Portwood has reportedly struck a deal that would require her to serve five years in prison and plead guilty to one count each of possession of a controlled substance and probation violation, according to TMZ. 
However, if the 21-year-old completes a court-mandated drug program, she won’t serve any time at all and the case will be dismissed. A judge will decide whether or not to approve the plea deal at a hearing on Feb. 6. In the meantime, the Indiana native will remain locked up.
If that weren’t enough, Portwood is still in the process of being evicted by her landlord, and recently told a judge that she wants to quit the show that made her famous because she feels she’s being exploited by the TV cameras.
Posted by:Jean Bentley