teen mom amber portwood Amber Portwood getting evicted, still in jailThe troubles won’t let up for “Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood: While the 21-year-old sits in jail awaiting her Jan. 27 court date for violating her probation, her landlord has served her with an eviction notice.

According to TMZ, the company that rents Portwood her home in Anderson, Indiana told the court that she violated her lease agreement and they want her out. The landlord reportedly “delivered a ‘notice to vacate’ on Dec. 20” — the day after Portwood was sent to prison.
Portwood now has a Jan. 25 court date for the housing issue, and if she misses that appointment, she could be thrown out of her home immediately.
The star recently told a judge that she wants to quit the show that made her famous because she feels exploited by the cameras. She was arrested Dec. 19 for violating her probation and possession of pills for which she couldn’t provide prescriptions.
Posted by:Jean Bentley