amber portwood teen mom mtv Amber Portwood: What to expect from 'Teen Mom' Season 4Once someone becomes a reality TV star, it becomes much more difficult to live a private life. The latest celebrity/victim is Amber Portwood of MTV’s “Teen Mom” (original cast). We’ve followed her legal troubles — stemming from an on-camera incident in which she hit her then-fiance in front of their baby — for years. Now, Portwood has been sentenced to prison for five years, and watching the newest season of the MTV hit will be a whole heck of a lot sadder for it.

It’s no secret Portwood has struggled with anger issues (see: the entire legal incident that started her troubles), but through the seemingly constant stream of TMZ updates and other tabloid stories, we know she’s also been suffering from a prescription pill addiction and depression, something she tackles head-on in the newest (and likely last) season of “Teen Mom.”

The season begins with Portwood and off-and-on fiance Gary Shirley trying to stay together despite their no contact order (stemming from the first incident). Portwood has to leave for rehab to treat the anger and pill problems (it’s court-ordered), and it’s very evident that she could use someone sympathetic to talk to when she goes to Gary’s house, chugs a few glasses of wine, and then blows up at him while they discuss the fate of their daughter and their relationship during Amber’s California rehab stay.

In episode 2, we see part of Amber’s journey in therapy as she reveals some very personal secrets and seems to truly be making strides in her recovery. She seems hopeful about her future, which makes it even sadder knowing that later, she will essentially give up on herself and ask the judge to send her behind bars because she can’t keep herself together otherwise.

If there’s one bright side to the whole situation, it’s that maybe the jail time really will force her to tackle her problems head-on. Fingers crossed.

Will you be watching the new season of “Teen Mom” when it premieres Tuesday, June 12 at 10 p.m.?

Posted by:Jean Bentley