amelia earhart new around the world flight recreation Amelia Earhart namesake to recreate around the world flight

Amelia Earhart is preparing to fly her airplane around the world. That sentence may seem a little strange in 2013, but it’s true. A TV anchor and female pilot named Amelia Rose Earhart is going to recreate the doomed fight of the woman she was named after.
Earhart’s plane disappeared over the Pacific Ocean in 1937 and was never recovered. Amelia’s namesake, who also happens to be a distant relative, will take flight in the summer of 2014 on a state of the art plane with extra fuel tanks. Like Earhart, she will be joined by a co-pilot.
“It’s been the most amazing adventure that hasn’t even happened yet,” Amelia’s namesake tells USA Today. “I think there’s a new focus on adventure that we’ve only seen in the last five to 10 years.”
If she successfully completes the flight, she won’t be the first female pilot to do so. Ann Pellegreno is one of a few woman who has completed the task, with her flight taking place in 1967, to commemorate the 30-year anniversary of Earhart’s disappearance.
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