trace adkins kristen chenow American Country Awards: Trace Adkins talks Kristin Chenoweth, Alabama and moreCountry star Trace Adkins is hosting the American Country Awards for the second year in a row and he says this year he’s much more relaxed now that he’s done it before. He also talks about the comically large height difference between himself (6’6) and co-host Kristin Chenoweth (4’11).

On Kristin Chenoweth and the height problem:

“As far as I know they’re not making any special provisions. Perhaps somebody will have to carry around an apple box for her [laughs] I’ve seen her on television and I’m aware of who she is and the work that she’s done, she’s very funny and very pretty, and she is very petite, so it could be an interesting contrast.”

On hosting this year and not being as nervous:

“Last year was the first time I’d ever done anything like this. I was really anxious and apprehensive going into it, but after an hour or so, I was like, ‘I can do this.’ I kinda calmed down, settled into it a little bit. This year it’s more a sense of really just looking forward to doing it again, ’cause I did have a lot of fun doing it.”

On legendary country band Alabama, who is performing at the awards show:

“Alabama was the first big country concert that I ever went to in my life. Their very first tour in 1980 … they did their whole album and then they had to come back out for two more encores and they did a bunch of Grand Funk and Doobie Brothers. It had a huge impact on me, 18 year-old kid. They’ve been a big influence on me.”

On the jokes/script for the show:

“I’ve been fairly involved, moreso than last year, in the script for this show. We’ve been talking about it a good bit. There have been a lot of ideas that have gone back and forth. It’s been a lot of fun for me to be involved in the creative process … I don’t know how funny it’ll be or how great it’ll come across, but I’m having fun trying to come up with some ideas and inject my own personality into this thing a little bit and just have some fun with it.”

And at the end, when someone comments about how funny Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are together for the CMAs, Adkins cracks on Paisley: “He’s like Elvis in the movies. Elvis couldn’t act, so they let him sing all his dialogue … I stole that from Eddie Murphy, that’s not original [laughs].”

The American Country Awards air Monday night (Dec. 5) at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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