american dad 'American Dad's' racy 'horse chores' episode might cost FOX $25 K in FCC finesFOX’s shows with “American” in the title seem to be upsetting our country.

Zap2it just reported on how the Christian Newswire believes Ellen DeGeneres’ “lesbian-one-liners” have perverted “American Idol” (and caused its falling ratings). Apparently “American Dad” isn’t doing much better at upholding traditional all-American values in the eyes of family advocates.

Seth MacFarlane‘s FOX show just wrapped its fifth season on May 16, but a mid-season episode is still causing waves. FOX faces FCC fines for an implied horse ejaculation scene that aired on a Jan. 3 episode of “American Dad.”

A character tells the dad how to take care of the “horse chores”:

“You have to brush the horse’s coat and mane, water and feed it, and then give it a full release … You know, give it a happy photo finish. Take the glue out of the factory. Spank his front butt. Grant him a bone loan.”

Later we see liquid squirting in the dad’s face — although when the scenes pulls back it’s revealed that the liquid is from a water hose that’s rinsing him off, supposedly after accomplishing the “chore.”

Family advocates failed to see the humor in this sequence. According to The Wrap, the Federal Communications Commission is proposing FOX be fined $25,000 for failing to “properly” respond to its questions about the episode, which reportedly drew 100,000 complaints.

The FCC is also rejecting FOX’s bid to limit indecency enforcement probes to stations in areas where complaints were filed. The commission has yet to make any ruling about the indecency claims.

In a statement issued Wednesday (June 2), FOX said it was “puzzled” by the FCC action.

FOX was most likely further puzzled by the following criticism issued by Tim Winter, president of the Parents Television Council, via press release:

“A broadcast television network aired an animated program on a Sunday evening when children were in the audience, and the program featured a man masturbating a horse. Up until now, I never imagined that those exact words could ever be spoken in that particular order. But sadly, here we are….

“Under what definition of ‘contemporary community standards’ is the Fox broadcast standards department operating? The fact that this material even made it to air demonstrates the network’s contempt for families. It also demonstrates their complete and utter disregard for the terms of their broadcast licenses that allow them to deliver their programming and their advertisements into every home in America for free.”

Do YOU think FOX should be fined for this “American Dad” episode?
Did it cross the decency line?

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Posted by:Christine Law