american horror story kit grace evan peters lizzie brochere 'American Horror Story: Asylum': A time travel element?On the latest “American Horror Story,” there were some questions raised for us about Bloody Face.

Bloody Face in 1964 does not appear to be any different than the Bloody Face who appears to have stabbed Leo to bits in the future. So, is there a time travel element to the show? Perhaps that has to do with the “aliens” Kit thinks took Alma?

Too bad about Wendy, but we don’t feel too badly for Lana. She really should know better than to assume Kit is Bloody Face, since her being put in Briarcliff was a total sham. Her ratting Kit and Grace out was particularly nasty.

Also, creator Ryan Murphy just spilled that Adam Levine is in “several” more episodes. If you count tonight’s (because he said that before tonight’s aired), then we would have to assume “several” means at least two more. How much blood does one man have to spill?

The Case of the Week, as the case may be, is Jed, a farm boy who is possessed by the devil. When his body can’t hold up under the possession plus Dr. Anspaugh’s exorcism, he dies — and the demon leaps into Sister Eunice.

Which should come in handy when she makes her big move on Dr. Arden, who likes to hire hookers, make them be classy companions and then dress them up as nuns before he has sex with them. He’s a real prince.

It was interesting to see Sister Jude’s past as a loose woman who killed a little girl in a drunk driving accident — nice throwback to Addie’s death in Season 1, by the way. We hope there’s more in store for Jude flashbacks.

Finally, Zachary Quinto as Dr. Thredson is a great character. Hopefully he can go toe-to-toe with Sister Jude and Dr. Arden and helping the patients at Briarcliff.

Overall, we have to say — this season is not grabbing us the way Season 1 did. We can’t quite put our finger on why not. It’s not as though the cast isn’t awesome, because they really are, newbies and returnees alike. But it’s just not as scary nor as interesting, for us.

What do you think, “AHS” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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