american horror story asylum evan peters james cromwell coat hanger fx 'American Horror Story: Asylum' episode 9 'The Coat Hanger': Six big questions for 2013That’s a wrap on “American Horror Story: Asylum” for 2012. But “The Coat Hanger” left us with a lot to ponder until the show returns in January 2013.

Here are our six biggest questions:

6) Is the Monsignor (Joseph Fiennes) on his way to heaven, or will he be stuck in hell a little longer?

The poor Monsignor seems to be one of the few naive characters left on “Asylum.” He thought Lee Emerson (Ian McShane) could be redeemed, only to find himself a victim of Emerson’s psychotic impulses. Now the Monsignor is strung up on a cross with Frances Conroy’s Angel of Death slowly approaching. Is he about to meet his maker?

5) How does the modern day Bloody Face (Dylan McDermott) tie into the past?

We officially met the modern day Bloody Face this week, who claimed during a therapy session (what a clever inversion of Dylan McDermott’s “American Horror Story: Murder House” role that was) that he’s the son of Thredson (Zachary Quinto). Is he telling the truth? And if so, who’s his mother?

4) Why is Lana (Sarah Paulson) still pregnant?

The nightmares keep coming for Lana as she found out she’s pregnant with Thredson’s baby, and tried to take care of it herself. She threatened to give herself an abortion in front of Thredson after she told him the news, only to reveal she’d already done it in her cell. But now Thredson is loose and Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe) insists Lana’s baby is still alive… and it’s a boy. Is Lana destined to give birth to the modern day Bloody Face?

3) Will Jude (Jessica Lange) be able to fight her way out of Briarcliff?

After Sister Mary Eunice and Dr. Arden (James Cromwell) teamed up to frame Jude for the murder of poor guard Frank McCann, Jude was committed to Briarcliff and trapped in an institution of her own making. But the good news is she immediately started making the right friends: cozying up to Lana and vowing to get her out for good.

2) Arden. The aliens. Grace (Lizzie Brochere). WTF is going on?!?

There were so many jaw-dropping reveals in the episode’s closing moments, we lost count. Arden’s plan to fake Kit’s death to lure the aliens totally worked, and he got even more than he bargained for. He saw inmate Pepper tending to a very pregnant (and very much alive!?) Grace. Just what are these aliens up to?

1) Can anyone please promise Ian McShane will be back for the next “American Horror Story” installment?

There’s no shortage of great actors — and great roles — on “American Horror Story,” but Ian McShane has instantly become one of our favorites since he debuted as Emerson, the psycho killer Santa last week. And then this week he rationalized away his murder spree with this demented line: “Because of what I did, there are 18 more people in heaven.” Only a brilliant actor can deliver something like that and make it both wickedly funny and utterly terrifying. Imagine how great it would be to have Lange and McShane facing off every week in Series 3…

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