myrtle american horror story coven the head 'American Horror Story: Coven': Deaths litter the fall finale 'The Head'When “American Horror Story: Coven” decides to kill off some characters, it does not mess around. Don’t keep reading if you haven’t watched Wednesday’s (Dec. 11) episode, titled “The Head.”

The Corporation

In a highly intriguing twist, it turns out Hank isn’t just some random witch-hunter. He comes from a long line of them, most of whom have worked for Delphi Trust, a corporation that specializes in riding the earth of the pestilence of witches.

But Hank has never had much stomach for it. Sure, he’s done his fair share of killing, but it seems like he mostly does that to make his father love him — except daddy only has eyes for David (played by Mike Colter of “The Good Wife”) and nothing Hank can do will seemingly please him.

Least of all falling in love with Cordelia, which Hank has done. He’s conflicted, of course, but he seems to have genuine feelings for her and is horrified to find out that his father’s company is who authorized the acid attack that blinded her (though the exact identity of the attacker is not revealed and maybe that’s not important).

Fiona and Marie

In the wake of Hank’s shooting at Nan and the Ramseys last week, Fiona approaches Marie about a truce to fight together against the witch-hunters — since she doesn’t know Marie is the one who actually hired Hank. Marie, of course, laughs this all off, saying the voodoo witches will worry about it when the time comes, but the white witches are on their own.

That is, until Hank decides to free himself of his father and his job in one last blaze of glory, charging into Marie’s salon and shooting everyone in sight. The only thing that stops him is Queenie, crawling across the floor after a shot to the gut, takes a pistol and uses her voodoo-doll power to blow Hank’s brains out (by blowing out her own).

Cordelia, Myrtle, Misty and the Council

This storyline starts off normal enough — Cordelia is teaching Misty things, since everyone (except seemingly Misty herself) sees how powerful she is. But Auntie Myrtle is both so mad at the Council for burning her and so determined to take care of her surrogate child Cordelia that she paralyzes the Council members, scoops out their eyeballs and then hacks them up into pieces. Yikes.

Don’t mess with Myrtle, is the lesson here. She uses one eyeball from each of them to give Cordelia her sight back — though it’s not without a price. Cordelia no longer has The Sight, so she’s back to being a regular old botany witch.

It all comes together for one slam-bang fall finale episode. We don’t get new ones until Jan. 8, but we’re excited for what this one set up. The final frames see Marie coming to the academy, ready to make a truce in the wake of Hank’s shooting spree and what makes that even better than a regular old witches vs. witch persecutors storyline is the corporation. We can’t wait to see more of Delphi.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Stevie Nicks of the week — “Kind of Woman,” as Misty and Cordelia work in the greenhouse.
  • FrankenKyle proves his Frankenstein’s monster-ness this week, when he kills Fiona’s attack dog. So she decides to “spruce him up” a bit and make him their new attack dog. That should totally end well for both Kyle and Zoe, right?
  • In the nobody cares department, Luke Ramsey communicates to his mother through Nan and reveals that Joan killed his father when he was leaving her for another woman. When Nan relays this, Joan kicks her out and then smothers Luke with a pillow. It’s not that we don’t like Nan — she’s awesome. But the whole Ramsey storyline has felt out of place in the season. We just can’t bring ourselves to care much one way or the other about Luke and/or Joan.
  • There’s also the side plot of Queenie making Delphine’s disembodied head watch “Roots” and footage of the 1960s race riots. In fact, Delphine watches the race riot footage and cries while Hank goes on his shooting spree, so there’s your racism lesson for the week. Or something. It’s one of those moments that seems to have such meaning and gravitas, but when you look closer, there’s really nothing there. For us, Hank’s shooting spree would have actually had more impact if the Delphine part was not interrupting all the time.
  • Best Lines:

    Cordelia: “Could people please not move things? Some of us are blind!”

    Myrtle: “She’s a sophisticated witch with extraordinary gifts hiding out as a hippie swamp rat.”

What did you think of the fall finale?

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