american horror story coven madison axeman cometh 'American Horror Story: Coven' 'The Axeman Cometh' ... and Hank goeth“The Axeman Cometh” sets up a couple very interesting storylines going forward for “American Horror Story: Coven.” Are Fiona and the Axeman going to rampage through New Orleans?

The Axeman

Turns out the real-life serial killer the Axeman, who terrorized New Orleans for a year and a half in 1918 and 1919, was don in by the witches of Miss Robichaux’s academy — until stupid Zoe releases his spirit in the house in exchange for information about where Madison is.

You know, it seems as though there’d be some other kind of spell at Zoe’s disposal to find Madison’s rotting corpse in Spalding’s attic o’creepy, but OK.

The Axeman leaves the house, presumably hell-bent on killing off any modern-music-loving heathens — until he meets Fiona in a bar and sparks fly. Woo woo?

Cordelia and Hank

Way bigger news than the Axeman, however, is that Hank is working for Marie Laveau. He was sent to the witches’ school to kill them off for her, as a witch hunter, and he’s dispatched nine witches in three years. But has he actually fallen for Cordelia? Time will tell.

It might not matter, though, since Cordelia’s new sight has given her a peek into his “affair” with Kaylie. She too was a witch at the school, though Cordelia hasn’t seen yet that it was her in his bed. But Hank wasn’t after just some nookie. She was a witch-kill for him for Marie Laveau.

Misty and Kyle

FrankenKyle finds his way back to Misty’s, but he freaks when she tries to bathe him (understandably) and he smashes her tape deck — he “breaks Stevie.” Awww. Zoe shows up and ends up taking them both home with her.

But mainly she just wants Misty to bring Madison back from the dead, which she does. Madison doesn’t remember much and she certainly can’t finger her killer being Fiona. Also, in what is no big shock, Spalding once again covers for Fiona when he “confesses” in his mind to Nan that he killed Madison.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Did you hear? Stevie Nicks is appearing on the show. We don’t know exactly how yet but yay anyway.
  • Fiona getting chemo treatments is so disconcerting. It’s so … mortal. A very weird sight for our resident Supreme.
  • Myrtle healing in the swamp is kind of hilarious — did you see all the red hair poking out of the soil? Heh.
  • Best Lines:

    Fiona: “You’ve been given sight. … It’s the greatest gift to have and the hardest one to live with.”

    Kaylie: “Truth be told, I really don’t wanna be powerful. I just wanna find a good husband and have three kids. I think I have a really good shot, I work out and I play fantasy football.”

So, what do you think becomes of the Axeman and Hank? Will the Axeman join forces with Fiona against Marie perhaps? And will Zoe succeed in rounding up a little gang of witches to try to keep the coven alive?

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