ahs violet birth 'American Horror Story': Go away!So – “American Horror Story.” If we thought the Harmons had to stay in the house because Violet was dead, guess there’s now another reason.

The main plot of “Birth” is, unsurprisingly, Vivien giving birth to the twins. She is let out of the looney bin to go to her sister’s place in Florida, but before she leaves, the doctor advises her that the “Alpha” twin is taking all the nutrients and the weaker twin is growing weaker by the day.

When she and Ben stop at home to get Violet (who tried to come with her dad to the psych ward, but obviously could not), Vivien goes into labor and Constance, Ben, Dr. Montgomery and the dead nurses are her delivery room team. Your cheater husband, the crazy neighbor, Dr. Frankenstein and two slaughtered nursing students? That is like … the worst.

In the end, the weaker twin is stillborn and the Alpha twin survives, though Dr. Montgomery hands the stillborn twin to Nora and she whisks it away, so whether it’s actually dead remains to be seen. Constance and Moira exclaim over how perfect and beautiful the surviving baby is, but we shall see on that one too.

Meanwhile, Vivien dies from the hemorrhaging. Violent kind of talks her over to the other side and it almost seemed in that moment like Ben couldn’t see Violet. What do you think?

In more baby news, not only does Nora have designs on the babies, but so do Chad and Patrick, who are busy painting the nursery. They also want to kill the babies so they’ll be cute forever. Oh my god. And when Moira and Constance are cleaning off the surviving baby, Hayden rears her ugly head to talk about “her” baby.

Violet gets concerned about Chad and Pat’s coveting of the kids, so she calls up Billie Dean, Constance’s crazy psychic. Billie Dean discovers Violet is dead. She also can “hear” all the bad things Tate did. Violet’s suspicions are aroused by Billie’s behavior and they are later confirmed by Chad, who spills the beans about Tate raping Vivien.

Violet confronts Tate in a horrible, tragic scene, where he doesn’t really know what’s happening and everybody’s crying (by “everybody,” I include myself) and then she screams at him to “go away,” which is what does it in that house.

The episode ends with a nice moment between Violet and Vivien, which is a little sullied by the fact that they’re dead and trapped in that house forever.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • So it’s Ben and the baby alive in the house now? And Constance, we guess. He should start believing Violet now that she’s dead, right? He never really seemed to grasp it this episode.
  • We got confirmation – that thing in the basement is Thaddeus, the Montgomery child. So, so creepy.
  • Where do you guys think this show is going for Season 2? Are the Harmons still there? Are Vivien and Violet now guest-stars as trapped ghosts?
  • Who else was just extraordinarily sad for Tate and Violet? It’s so sick, but I want them to be together. It’s like she was saving him.

Thoughts, “AHS” fans?

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