taissa farmiga ahs piggy man 'American Horror Story': Here piggy pig pig“American Horror Story” offers a rather heartbreaking episode this week.

In the main plot, Violet finds out details about Tate’s school shooting. In 1994, he killed 15 people, wounded however many others and then committed suicide by SWAT team. Constance knows all of this, of course, and knows Tate is a ghost. She has even brought in a medium, the lovely Sarah Paulson, to help him cross over.

The stress of it all has Violet going crazy, eventually downing a bunch of sleeping pills. She eventually is saved by Tate, who later makes a rather lovely declaration of love for her as they both cry. The episode ends with them curling up together, saying how tired they are.

In B-plot land, Vivien is being mothered by Constance and Moira in the form of cooked (or not) animal parts. She devours a brain in a way that makes us think the baby (or whatever it is) is craving raw meat and blood. Vivien also manages to track down Angela, the ultrasound tech who fainted on Halloween. Angela reviles Vivien as basically the mother of Satan’s spawn.

And in C-plot land, Eric Stonestreet guest stars as Derek, a patient of Ben’s who is afraid of urban legends, particularly one about the Piggy Man. In the end, he conquers his fears only to be killed by two burglars.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Eric Stonestreet was great as Derek (his recounting the Piggy Man story was chilling), but I did leave wondering what the point of his storyline was. Maybe as a “patient of the week” it doesn’t need a point, but the last random patient of the week (Tara’s mom from “True Blood”) seemed to at least advance the plot of Dr. Harmon becoming unhinged.
  • I hope they revisit Tate’s past, just in that I feel like there are unresolved issues and feelings there. I hope this is not just the one episode where they explore it and that’s it.
  • The opening scene? Maybe the scariest thing I’ve ever watched. Just knowing how those school shootings actually happened in real life and how utterly, ridiculously terrifying it must have been to experience … watching it on-screen made me feel pretty sick to my stomach, even without seeing much of the violence.
  • It was nice to see Taissa Farmiga and Evan Peters get to show off their acting chops. Regardless of how you feel about Violet and Tate, they both acted their butts off this episode.
  • Speaking of which, where do we all stand on Tate now? He’s just so sad and his feelings for Violet do seem real. Share your thoughts in the comments.

What did you think overall of “Piggy Man”?

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