tate constance moira ahs 'American Horror Story': Motivated sellers“American Horror Story” offers up even more backstory, making us feel so sorry for Constance. Also, Tate and Violet continue to be our favorite plot. Oh – and twins!

In the main plot this week, the Harmons are trying desperately to sell the house and Larry, Constance and Moira are fighting against them (not that they know that). Turns out that Larry was involved with Constance back in 1994 (presumably after Tate’s school shooting and death, since Constance and her family lived there, then moved). When Larry confessed his love for Constance to his wife Lorraine, she burned herself and the two daughters up in the daughters’ bedroom (I’m assuming Lorraine was in there too, but I guess we don’t know for sure).

Larry also “helped” Constance – when her son Bo (chained up in the attic in an “Elephant Man”/Sloth from “Goonies” kind of situation) was going to be taken away from her to an institution, Larry smothered him with a pillow. So his ghost haunts the attic.

Constance can’t bear to lose the house because then she can’t see her two sons who died there, so she, Larry and Moira conspire to kill the potential buyer.

Meanwhile, Vivien and Ben find out they are having twins. Vivien is also having sexy dreams (hallucinations?) involving Officer Hottie, Ben and the Rubber Suit S&M Man. Ben also continues to see Tate as a patient and asks him to look out for Violet.

Speaking of Violet and Tate – Tate is helping Violet cope with becoming “aware” of the house. He also wants her to stop cutting herself.

In Montgomery land, the Charles and Nora backstory gets even creepier (and grosser) as Charles succeeds in …. reanimating (?) the baby, Thaddeus, and puts it in the nursery. Poor Nora, so excited at the thougth she has a baby back, goes up there and tries to nurse him. He feeds on her and not in a good way. So she shoots Charles in the head and then blows her own brains out.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • So – the evil thing in the basement that attacked the girl bully from school? That’s definitely Thaddeus, right? Do we all agree on that?
  • Is it safe to assume Bo is who Addie was rolling the ball with in the basement? Or can he only appear in the attic, do you think?
  • Speaking of babies, what do yo think the chances are the Harmons’ babies are one good and one evil?
  • Was anyone else confused by the beau/Bo talk? Constance mentioned her new “beau” to Larry, saying he was so handsome. That was also the son’s name. That is surely not a coincidence, but what does it mean?
  • I’m continually surprised at how much I ‘ship the crazy daughter and school shooter, but I do. Tate and Violet are utterly heartbreaking and sweet together and when she asked her mom about being in love, I was so happy for her. It’s a testament to the show that I care that much about those two characters.
  • Do you think Moira bit it off? Probably not completely, right? Not enough blood.
  • Poor Constance. Now we’ve met Addie, Bo and Tate. When do you think we meet the fourth child? Weren’t there four?
  • And how much do we all love Jessica Lange in this role? She’s a scene stealer.

What did you think of “American Horror Story’s” “Open House”?

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