mena survari josh malina american horror story 'American Horror Story': The Black Dahlia and the devil himself at the doorDid anyone find this the funniest episode of “American Horror Story” yet? Not exactly laughing at the show, but just the most “black comedy” episode so far? Hmmm. This one almost begs a re-viewing, it was so off-the-walls.

As far as the main plot goes, the flashback this week is to an actual murder – Elizabeth Short, a.k.a. the Black Dahlia, from 1947. In this mythology, she came to The House to see a dentist, who put her under and raped her, then discovered he accidentally killed her. But lucky for him, Dr. Montgomery’s ghost is lurking about and ready to slice ‘n dice.

In the present, Elizabeth appears as a patient to Ben, whose only desire is to be famous. Hayden informs her that she is, in fact, quite famous.

Speaking of Hayden, she’s still obsessed with getting back together with Ben, but she (kind of hilariously) seduces Constance’s lover Travis to see if she “could do it with a guy who’s still alive.” But when Travis then turns on Hayden, she stabs him to death with an ice pick. All the usual suspects show up to help with the disposal and he ends up as the modern-day Black Dahlia.

Over at the mental ward, Ben visits Vivien after learning from her doctor that the twin babies have two different fathers. He basically tells her to go to hell, while Vivien maintains she was raped by Rubber Man. Only Constance believes her – and Constance knows it was Tate.

Ben confronts the security guard, whom he assumes is the other father (after a prompting from Hayden “confirms” his suspicions), but when the security guard reveals he’s shooting blanks, Ben finally starts to realize that Vivien may have been telling the truth all along. And he sees Moira as an old woman.

At the very end, Constance questions her psychic friend Billie Dean about a baby born from a human and someone from the spirit world. Billie Dean spins a tale of a box the new Pope opens when he is elected. It’s kept in the yhe Room of Tears and contains the secret to the end of the world – “A child born of human and spirit will usher in the end of times.
It is the essence of evil. A perversion of the Immaculate Conception.”


Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Sarah Paulson‘s return as Billie Dean seemed a little Deus Ex Psychic to me.
  • The absence of Violet was conspicuous, as was the almost-absence of Tate.
  • The two different appearances of “Spooky” was a wonderful music choice.
  • The outrage Ben felt at the twins’ paternity was in character, but so ridiculous. You stepped out on her, dude. You got a girl pregnant. Maybe you should get off your high horse for a second.
  • How great was it to see Mena Suvari and Joshua Malina? Mena actually bears a decent resemblance to the real Elizabeth Short and it’s always nice to see Will Bailey, even if I don’t necessarily like him as a rapey dentist.
  • The Moira reveal was great. What do you think really triggers the way people see her? That one police detective saw the young Moira, and I just kind of figured it’s because he was an adulterer. But maybe that’s not it?
  • As for the ending – wow. I mean, I guess I had assumed the Tate-conceived baby was evil, but I hadn’t really thought devil incarnate. That takes the show in a whole new direction once the baby is born, doesn’t it?

What did you think of “Spooky Little Girl”?

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