american horror story jessica lange poll 'American Horror Story': Which season did you like best? Vote now“American Horror Story” brought its third season to a close Wednesday (Jan. 29) when the “Coven” found its new Supreme and finally shed the dark clouds Fiona had inflicted on the other witches.

A Season 4 is in the works, though details are scarce so far, but let’s take a look back.

Season 3 was a stark departure from the first two seasons of the show. It had significantly more levity, even in some of its darkest moments. In fact, the season was more often cheeky and absurd than it was scary.

The first two seasons of “AHS” downright scary several times. “Coven” never really was, not in that horror-movie way.

The “COven” episode with Kyle’s mom was certainly disturbing, in much the same way as Tate’s school shooting episode in Season 1, and Delphine’s slave torture was stomach-churning. But that’s not the same kind of frightening a good horror film causes, the check-under-the-bed-before-you-go-to-sleep scary.

It’s hard to choose a favorite, because “Coven” was most definitely a lot of fun. But we have to say our favorite season was “Murder House.” Do you agree? Vote below.

Also, which way do you hope Season 4 goes? Are you looking for the show to get back to its darker side and scare the pants off viewers every week, or would you prefer it stay more wickedly funny with some darkness spiced in?

“American Horror Story” returns with Season 4 in October 2014.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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