denis ohare american horror story 'American Horror Story's' Denis O'Hare on Larry's 'obsession' with ConstanceDenis O’Hare has recently been getting a lot of screentime on “American Horror Story.” His character Larry was disfigured in a fire, started by his wife Lorraine when Larry revealed his love for the neighbor, Constance. O’Hare speaks to this love, as more of an obsession than anything.

“It’s an obsession. She is an incredibly vital, attractive woman who
exerts an incredible pull on Larry, who is an ordinary guy,” says O’Hare. “He has given
up everything for her and when you give up everything, it’s hard to go
backwards. For him to decide to, or I suppose, fall out of love with her
would be very, very difficult.”

“He paid a massive price and to admit
that price is not worth it, that would be devastating,” O’Hare continues. “That being said, in the upcoming episodes, we do see that he begins to evolve in his relationship with her.”

O’Hare also admits to having no idea that Larry’s initial story about burning his wife and children was a lie. He found out via a rather “shocking conversation’ with creator Ryan Murphy that Larry was not telling the truth up to the most recent episode.

“As an actor, all the things I’ve been playing are a lie. Which is kind of genius, because actors can be very dangerous creatures with too much information,” says O’Hare. “To simply play what is in front of me, to be just as deluded as the character, is kind of nice.”

As for what is next for Larry and Constance, O’Hare teases that we will know in a few episodes.

“I love their evolving relationship and I love the information we get in episode nine, that would be your 10, I think,” says O’Hare. “There’s some great information that comes out about Constance’s life with Larry and Larry’s attempts to become part of the family, which are sad and disturbing.”

And of course, the more Larry and Constance storylines, the more O’Hare gets to work opposite Jessica Lange, which he says is “truly a treat.”

“Working with Jessica Lange is one of the those dreams. She’s one of the greats. She has an incredible understanding of how the medium works,” says O’Hare. “I watch her when she’s working and it’s all very simple and very easy, yet it’s incredibly masterful. I feel very lucky to be in her company.”

O’Hare also divulges his favorite backstory, or ghost story, of the house.

“I love Nora and Charles because it’s so gothic, but Tate is the backstory I like the best. I find him as a character really heartbreaking. Something about his confusion that really draws me in. I find myself wanting to spend more time in his universe,” says O’Hare.

We do not disagree. “American Horror Story” airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

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