american idol 13 top 11 judges behind the scenes 'American Idol' 13 Top 11: Caleb's moonwalk and more of what you missed behind the scenesThe “American Idol” producers manage to pack a lot into each two-hour performance show, but there are plenty of things that happen behind the scenes that you don’t see on your TV screens. Here’s what you missed off-camera during the Season 13 Top 11 performance show:

– All the off-tempo clapping last week did have one positive effect: A CBS page told the crowd not to clap during the slow songs. (THANK GOD.)

– Jessica’s “Sound of Silence” was pretty loud in person — when the band kicked in, the bass drum was so loud it shook the seats in the studio. Also: The judges continued their pow-wow about the Alabama singer well into the commercial.

– Something must’ve been up in the Urban household on Wednesday night, because Keith was talking to someone on his phone during practically every commercial break. (That’s not usual for the country superstar — he frequently takes selfies with the crowd and talks to people with signs. He did that on Wednesday too, but only during one of the commercial breaks.)

– Harry always engages with the crowd too, but usually from the comfort of his seat at the judges’ table. On Wednesday, he picked up the slack for Keith’s absence and took some selfies with the crowd.

– Speaking of Harry, the whole “pounding the piano” interaction between him and Seacrest inspired the sign-carrying Harry fans sitting next to me to run with the joke, taking the opportunity during the next commercial to scream for him to take them to “pound town.” Classy! (But you were all thinking it too.)

– During one commercial break, the producers had the crowd boo fiercely for a few seconds for a reason TBD. Maybe they inserted it during the West Coast airing? Or maybe they’re going to edit something funny for Thursday night’s results show.

– The contestants are frequently deep in concentration before they sing, but not always. Caleb moonwalked behind Seacrest after he was introduced, and Ben fist-pumped to a couple of the quips in his “everybody makes fun of him” video package.

– Season 8 finalist-turned-backup singer Allison Iraheta is a fan of Alex Preston: She screamed and clapped as the singer hit the final big note at the end of his song.

– Jennifer Lopez rocked out to Jena Irene’s performance, dancing in her seat throughout the entire thing. She also lip-synced along to Malaya’s “Dreamgirls” song.

– Jena’s applause from the crowd at the end was by far the loudest of the night.

– In order to avoid incorrect name pronunciations, Seacrest’s teleprompter has phonetic spellings of Jena’s and Malaya’s names: Gina and Ma-lie-ya.

Posted by:Jean Bentley