usher american idol top 10 'American Idol' 9 Top 10 performance live: Chris Rock, Usher and Sue SylvesterZap2it’s weekly “Dispatches from Inside the ‘Idol’ Dome” brings
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the TV broadcast? We got it covered.

Guess who stopped by “American Idol” Tuesday (March 30) night? Chris Rock. Want to know what else happened behind the scenes?

His future’s so bright…

  • Usher never took off the shades once. Also, Ellen and Randy made a beeline for Usher during the first commercial break, but we don’t believe we ever saw Kara or Simon say “hello,” which is weird.

‘American Idol’ celebs

  • Jane Lynch and her fiancee Dr. Lara Embry were in the house along with a couple children. They looked to be enjoying themselves.
  • Chris Rock was there to tape his “Idol Gives Back” segments. When taping the “What your mom last gave you question,” Chris said, “What was the first thing my mama gave me? Rickets.” They then clarified it was the last thing she gave him and he goes, “What was the last thing my mama gave me? A smack.”
  • The audience laughed at “a smack.” Only Chris, myself and one other guy in the audience laughed at “rickets.” So if you’re keeping score at home, the “Idol” live audience is pro child abuse and anti knowing what rickets is. (If you’re also keeping score at home, rickets is a bone-softening disease often caused by a Vitamin D or calcium deficiency. The more you know.)

I’m no Fashionista, but…

  • Randy Jackson’s argyle sweater said “California Dreamin'” on the back. It was like a Cosby sweater meets a track suit.
  • There was a gaggle of very put-together middle aged women wandering around. Real Housewives? We’re not sure. But one of them was all pretty, skinny, nice dress … and then you looked down at the most horrifying cankles you’ve ever seen. So it just goes to show you … even the hot chicks are hiding some flaw.
  • There was a woman running around in a polka-dot “dress” that pretty much looked like one of those shortie trenchcoats. It didn’t look like she had anything else on. Shouldn’t she be in the park trying to flash kids?

Workin’ the crowd

  • Cory the Warm-up Host was up to his usual antics. He found a high school Spanish teacher named Yolanda who played hooky to come to “Idol.” Naughty, naughty.
  • Our single-serving friend tonight was a 7-year-old girl named Grace who kept very timidly trying to get the host’s attention so she could get a t-shirt or something. We finally gave Cory the eye and he said he’d give Grace a bag if we wrote something nice about him, so: Cory is an excellent, very personable warm-up host.
  • The last t-shirt of the night Cory was going to throw to a little boy until a full-grown man in front of the little boy snatched it right out of the air. The little boy ended up with an iPod Touch instead, but that doesn’t excuse your rudeness, man who snatched the t-shirt!

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