miley cyrus american idol mentor 'American Idol 9' Top 11 Live: Miley Cyrus texted, Ryan Seacrest giftedZap2it’s weekly “Dispatches from Inside the ‘Idol’ Dome” brings fanatics like you (and us) closer to all the action. What didn’t viewers see on the TV broadcast? We got it covered.

During the “American Idol” Top 11 performance show, it kind of looked like Miley Cyrus was more engaged with her mobile device duty than the “mentoring” duty. Oh yeah, and some audience member brought Ryan Seacrest a picture of his grandparents. Cool or creepy? Here’s what else happened during the live taping:

Smilin’ Miley Cyrus

  • Miley was sitting with a skinny woman with scraggly bleached hair. Then we remembered the Oscars and realized it was her mom.
  • Also sitting with them was “So You Think You Can Dance” judge and Oscar producer Adam Shankman.
  • Before the show, they told us to spit out our gum so we wouldn’t be caught on camera chomping on gum. Did you notice the shots of Miley chomp-chomp-chomping away on TV? She looked like a cow with its cud.
  • Finally, Miley appeared at times to be more interested in texting people than paying attention to the performances. Tsk tsk.

So That’s What Happened to Brian Dunkelman

  • We might have to rebuke Seacrest’s title of Busiest Man in Show Business, at least during “Idol” tapings. There is another host named Cory whom you never see on TV. He warms up the crowd and during commercial breaks interviews people and hands out prizes. After Debbie the Stage Manager, Cory might be the busiest person in the house.
  • One of the people Cory interviewed was a woman from North Carolina who gave him a picture of Ryan Seacrest’s grandparents, which Cory then delivered to Ryan on stage. To his credit, Ryan seemed just tickled and not at all creeped out!
  • One of Cory’s prizes was a Didi Benami bag that somehow ended up with Randy Jackson. He couldn’t seem to figure out what to do with it, so Ellen DeGeneres snatched it from him and threw it into the mosh pit to wild applause.
  • Cory was an excellent off-camera host, though he did introduce Paige Miles as “Paige Davis,” who we’re pretty sure was the host on “Trading Spaces.” Oops. He also at one point referred to someone as “Casey Stevens.” Did he mean Katie Stevens? Casey James? Could go either way.

The CBS’ studios Chuck E. Cheese?

  • We’re convinced there must be a skee-ball game set up backstage. That’s the only explanation for why the judges cannot stay seated for a 3-minute commercial break. Every break, they would all bolt for these big doors to the backstage area with their significant others. What is back there? Skee-ball? Santa Claus? Gold bullion? Seriously, people. Please sit still for 2 minutes.

Mosh Pit Minxes

  • Both Tim Urban and Simon Cowell interacted with various blonde long-limbed lovelies from the mosh pit once the cameras went to commercial, though Simon kept his hands to himself. Tim gave his girl a big hug.
  • The mosh pit seemed to range in age from 9 or 10 years all the way to high schoolers. However, the outfits would make you think all the female mosh pit fans were at least 23 years old. Yikes. Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be pit skanks on “Idol.”

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