ashley ferl american idol 3 'American Idol' 9 Top 11 Results Live: Crying girl Ashley Ferl likes Crystal, SiobhanZap2it’s weekly “Dispatches from Inside the ‘Idol’ Dome” brings fanatics
like you (and us) closer to all the action. What didn’t viewers see on
the TV broadcast? We got it covered.

Did you know Big Mike Lynche has a penchant for throwing small children into the air? Here’s all the dish from the Wednesday, March 24 “American Idol” results:

Achy Breaky Back

  • Did you see Miley’s weird convulsions on the chorus of her song? For half a second, the entire live audience thought she was having a fit of some kind. There were many gasps and confused looks.
  • Miley’s dad Billy Ray was there. He entered to a smattering of “woos” and applause.
  • We will have to give credit where credit is due — say what you will about Miley, but girlfriend can sing live. She sounds miles older than her 17 years (in a good way).


  • Did you know that when a live performance is pre-taped, fake judges sit in the places of the real judges?
  • Bizarro Simon and Bizarro Randy are down-right scrawny. If there were even a semi-lingering shot of the judges from behind during a pre-taped performance, the jig would be up.
  • Bizarro Kara can totally pass for Real Kara from the back, but Bizarro Ellen may or may not have been Shirley Jones.
  • When the real judges came out, Randy jumped right into the mosh pit. Not like a literal stage dive (because that … would not end well) but he waded right in and was hugging and high-fiving and having a great time. It made us love him a little bit.

Put Me Under Before You Sing-Sing

  • The group sing is even more hilarious in person. The flashbacks to high school show choir were overwhelming.
  • What was with the Partridge-family-bus background? Is that because Bizarro Ellen was played by Shirley Jones? And do they not know “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” is from 1984, not ’74?
  • After they cut away to commercial with the Idols in their requisite hand-in-the-air tableau, Crystal Bowersox delightfully went into a full-on deep knee bend with mad jazz hands. We love it that she doesn’t think she’s too cool for school and seems to be having fun.

We Have Found Dick Clark No. 3

  • If Ryan Seacrest is the second incarnation of Dick Clark, we’ve found the third. His name is Jasper, he is from New York and he is 5 years old. He got to come up on stage during a commercial break. He was sporting some Tim Urban hair and a suit jacket.
  • After hugging Katie Stevens and Crystal, Big Mike looked like he was going in for a hug too, but instead he threw little Jasper high into the air. Delightful. Then when Mike teased Jasper about having been 5 years old “for five years,” Jasper responded, “That doesn’t make sense” because then he “would be 10 years old.” It was so sweet we were all given insulin shots on the way out of the theater.

Idol Gives Back

  • David Duchovny and Adam Shankman took time to record dial-in numbers and website info spots for the “Idol GIves Back” special that airs in a month’s time.
  • When asked what the last present they got from their mom was, Duchovny said socks and underwear and Shankman said his mom gave him a giant picture of herself. We aren’t sure what that question has to do with anything but those were their answers.

So This Is What ‘High School Musical’ Is Like

  • The crowd reaction for Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas was … were the Beatles there? Or … oh god, are those two like the frigging Beatles to this generation? That is a frightening, frightening thought.
  • The minute they were finished singing, Simon bolted from his chair to greet them, then bolted for the backstage area as soon as he was done. Ellen, Kara and Randy took the time to actually speak with Demi and Joe.

Miles to Go Before I Sleep

  • We don’t know how much of this got on camera, but Big Mike was grooving to Paige Miles’ sing-out of “Alright Now.” We half expected him to storm the stage and just start busting a move.
  • Paige’s sing-out (as is often the case) was, ahem, miles better than anything she’s done on the show so far. The judges noticed too, as Kara and Randy were constantly making gestures that indicted, “Where the hell was THIS performance, Paige?!”

Big Girls Don’t Cry

  • Last but BEST was Ashley Ferl sitting behind us. You’ll remember
    her as Sanjaya’s crying girl, except now she’s all growed up. To quote
    “Sixteen Candles,” Ashley has “gotten her boobies.”
  • She doesn’t think this season is as good as last season, but she
    does like Siobhan and Crystal a lot. (A fact that she kept reiterating
    to the entire section by screaming out their names. A lot. Very, very

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