adam lambert new york2 'American Idol': Adam Lambert plans new album in 2011Adam Lambert‘s Glam Nation tour ends in September, but his fans may not have to wait too much longer after that for new material.

Lambert says he’ll be heading into the studio in the fall to work on material for a new album. “We just had a big meeting with my record label,” he tells WKCI-FM in Connecticut. “… There might be some more music that comes out of this [album, ‘For Your Entertainment’], but definitely in 2011, the plan is to do a new album.”

In the interview, part of which is embedded below (you can hear both parts on Adam Lambert Glamfans), the “American Idol” 2009 runner-up also talks about the energy he soaks up from his fans — “it fuels you, even if you’re exhausted” — what he’s listening to at the moment (Bruno Mars, Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry) and the Internet explosion over his decision to chop off part of his hair.

“It was literally like, ‘Let’s just cut the side a little shorter,’ and all of the sudden it was all over the Internet,” he says of the shorn right side of his head. “It’s like four inches up. I think it’s funny that it’s newsworthy, because it really shouldn’t be. It’s merely a haircut.”

Here’s the interview.

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Posted by:Rick Porter