adamlambert americanmusicawards2009 290 'American Idol' Adam Lambert's AMAs performance not so scandalousFormer “American Idol” star Adam Lambert seemed determined to outdo American Music Awards opener Janet Jackson. Apparently, though, acting like a boob doesn’t compare to baring one.

Despite a closing performance that featured man-on-man smooching, a simulated sex act and one unplanned tumble, ABC tells USA Today the network only received around 1,500 complaints. CBS, meanwhile, reportedly received more than half a million complaints when Janet’s breast was accidentally revealed during a Super Bowl halftime performance a.k.a. “Nipplegate.”

Lambert has said his same-sex kiss wasn’t planned, and that his, uh, exuberant performance was the result of an adrenaline surge.

Watch his performance and decide for yourself:

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‘American Idol’ Adam Lambert’s AMA performance: Zap2it readers weigh in
Adam Lambert falls for the American Music Awards
2009 American Music Awards minute by minute

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Posted by:Andy Grieser