Taking on a song performed first on “American Idol” by the now-legendary Kelly Clarkson is a risk. Angie Miller took that risk in her first live, competitive performance — and she pretty much rocked the universe singing Celine Dion‘s “I Surrender.”

Angie rocked the judges’ table anyway. Not one of the four had anything but praise for the singing/piano-playing sensation. Keith Urban started out the praise-fest by citing the song itself: “As do I… surrender,” Urban gushed. “You’re such an artist!”

Nicki Minaj focused her comments on Angie’s look, which she loved just as much as she loved the singing. “Your legs are giving me everything I needed in life today,” Minaj said in a particularly Nicki fashion. “I can’t critique on anything.” Of course, Minaj still wished that Angie had come back out to play piano while she sang.

Following his patented “Yo!” beginning, Randy Jackson pointed out that Angie Miller had provided the first performance he really liked on this first night of live competition. “America, the competition starts now!” he exclaimed. “That’s how you do it!”

Although she is usually a rather wordy judge, Mariah Carey kept it short and sweet when critiquing Angie’s performance. “Stellar,” she said.

It was indeed a stellar performance.

Posted by:Laurel Brown