ashley rodriguez haeley vaughn 'American Idol': Ashley Rodriguez, Haeley Vaughn going home, per viewer surveyAn “American Idol” viewer survey says it is Ashley Rodriguez and Haeley Vaughn heading home.

Media Curves, a site that conducts communications research, polled 4,154 “American Idol” viewers on the Top 12 women. The survey is called “Idol Democracy,” because each voter is only allowed to vote once.

The results have Crystal Bowersox and Lilly Scott finishing first and second with 16.3% and 12.7% of the vote, respectively. Ashley Rodriguez and Haeley Vaughn are the bottom two, receiving only 5.9% and 4.2% of the vote, respectively.

Spots 3-10 are as follows:

Katie Stevens, 11.1%
Siobhan Magnus, 8.8%
Janell Wheeler, 8.4%
Katelyn Epperly, 7.2%
Michelle Delamor, 6.9%
Lacey Brown, 6.5%
Didi Benami, 6.1%
Paige Miles, 6.0%

We aren’t terribly surprised at the results. The one surprise is the placement of Didi Benami and Janell Wheeler — we would’ve guessed they would be reversed in that list. We’ll post the men’s survey results as soon as they become available.

If you’d like to participate in this survey each week, registration is still available.

What do you think? Are Ashley and Haeley the right call? It’ll be interesting to see if those two are actually the ones sent packing Thursday night (Feb. 25).

The “American Idol” results show airs Thursday, Feb. 25 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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